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About Us

About Us


Truth is, you're on a lead generating page. Now don't get me wrong this tool creates a very in depth and detailed SEO report that is extremely useful and I highly recommend it! A ton of work went into creating this free SEO tool to provide value up front to the folks that may be looking for an SEO professional.

Well, that's me. 

I'm using this page to share information with anyone that wants to learn more about their SEO situation on their website. It's absolutely free and an awesome report but this is what happens. When you drop in your email to receive your report I also get a copy of the report and a notification that you were here. 

This is my que to get nosy and find out what you have going on with your website and see if maybe there is an opportunity for me to assist you. 

Let's face it. You wouldn't be here unless you wanted to rank higher in the search engines to get more business or you were trying to keep your current SEO guy honest. It's that simple. 

I've been in the SEO industry for a lot of years and I didn't start off as an SEO, I evolved as one. 

I'm actually an entrepreneur that found my passion in building and ranking websites to create business online. I've been involved in several brick and mortar businesses and everyone of them required an online presence. I always loved that part and over the years got really good at it.

Now, basically I'm at a time in my life that following my passion and helping other business owners to be successful is my main gig. It's what I love to do and this website provides a door that may open to a meeting for you and I. 

When you receive your report I'll take a look at it and if there's opportunity then you'll hear from me in a day or two. If I'm not seeing anything that I feel is an opportunity for both of us then take this as my "Thank You" for stopping by. 

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. 

Take care of you. 

Jim - Proud OMGr 



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